National Skill Development and Entrepreneur Policy 2015

The objective of NSDEP2015 is to meet the challenge of skilling at scale with speed, standard and sustainability.  It aims to provide umbrella framework to all skilling activities, link skilling with demand centres, and to align them to common standards. It envisages to link skill development to employability and productivity. The skill strategy is complemented … Read more

India Yearbook 2015 – Chapter 25(1) – Sci – Tech

At the time of independence our science and technological infrastructure was neither strong nor organised as compared to developed world. In past 6 decades, an infrastructure and capability largely commensurate with meeting national needs has been created minimising our dependence on other countries. Science, Technology and Innovation policy 2013:   STI policy reveals aspiration of … Read more

PIB – Dump 09-15 March

Rotavac Each year, diarrhoea caused by rotavirus results up to 10 lakh hospitalizations and kills nearly 80 thousand children under the age of 5 years. Besides causing emotional stress to the affected families, it also pushes many Indian families below the poverty line and also imposes significant economic burden on the country. The Prime Minister … Read more

The Hindu notes 10-11 JAn 2015

Gujarat Summit For the first time in its 10-year history, the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015, which opens on Sunday, will be used as a stage for business-related diplomacy with the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon attending the high-profile event. Started as a brainchild of Mr. Modi in 2003, … Read more

The Hindu Notes – 7 -9 Jan 2015

Nutrino Observatory Project – In a landmark move, the Government of India’s Union Cabinet recently approved the India-based Neutrino Observatory project. Coming soon after the approval of the 30-metre telescope which will be located in Hawaii, this decision will cause India to step into big fundamental science. “A pioneer in the field of neutrino science, … Read more

The Hindu Notes – 6 Jan 2015

India-China-USA comparision chart

What is the downside of not having a Planning Commission? Answer by Pranob Sen The apprehension is that the Finance Ministry tends to be interested in finance and deficits, not development. Its primary role of managing finances on a day to day basis does not let it take long-term views. Some of the jobs the … Read more

The Hindu Notes- 05 Jan 2014

36000 queries pending under RTI act with Central Information Comission, which has been functionting without a CIC for almost four months Decision of USA government certified the Pakistan government’s action against LeT and JeM despite the fact that both Let and Jem have resurfaced visibly in the past year in Pakistan and founders of both … Read more

Nagar Style of Temple Architecture

Styles Nagar School of Architecture Successor of third stage, so has all features of it. Pillared approach Assembly hall Covered ambulatory passageway Shikhar Garbha-grih – Sanctum Sanctorum Upraised platform Panchayatan Style Square temples Crucified ground Absence of tanks in the temple ( Unlike Dravidian style) Division of each wall into 3 vertical planes called rathas … Read more

Indian Architecture – From notes of Nitin Singhania (AIR 53)

Ancient India Harappan Architecture Mauryan Architecture Post Mauryan Architecture Gupta Age Development of Architecture in South India Medieval India Delhi Sultunate (1206-1526) Imperial Style (Developed By Empire – a state initiative) Slave Dynasty 1206-1290 Khilji 1290- 1320 Tughlaq 1320 – Lodhi Provincial Style (Other than Empire) Jaunpur Malwa Bijapur Mughals (1526-18th century) Babur Humayun Akbar … Read more

Foreign Policy – Definition and objectives

Definition – System of activities evolved by countries/ states for changing the behaviour of other states and adjusting their own activities according to international environment. It has definite objective and principles which are determined by domestic and international factors to achieve national interest. Any of policy should be an adjunct to national policy objectives aligned … Read more

Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings – snippets

The backbone of the rebellions, their mass base and striking power came from the rack-rented peasants, ruined artisans and demobilized soldiers. Causes The major cause of the civil rebellions was the rapid changes the British introduced in the economy, administration and land revenue system. The revenues were enhanced by increasing taxes. Thousands of zamindars and … Read more

One exceptional speedy judgement in Criminal Case

Mumbai’s Special Session Court declared its judgement in Shakti Mill Case within 7 months. A photo journalist was raped by few yougesters including a juvenile. This has been possible only after amendments in CrPC last year. Criminal justice system is well known for its snail pace in delivering justice to victims. This case has been … Read more